Osho Ashram in Mehsana

An “Osho Ashram” Palavasna Chokdi stationed, near the Tata Motor Show Room, opposite is Jalaram temple in Mehsana of Gujarat.
The monastery is that the Osho Ashram in Gujarat, while Pune is the largest. Many people have come back completely different states and different countries have visited daily.
Osho preaching within theflow can be a newstart. The latest release by Man ofVision ‘Zorbas Buddha, the world has anew beginning with the first path where science and faith merge.
Gujarat is one of the Osho communemanan. (MP), Jabalpur, which were cultured from the Osho Maul shree Treeis also planted here.
Manan Osho Neo – SannyasAshram, Osho casualcontact with each word in the heart of Mehsana. Osho is why the age of thecommunes have been made​​, the settlement createdaround each of the great master, – he was born. That makes the energy sector or energy sectorin particular, theadditional growth will easily
How to reach:-
The nearest Airport is Ahmedabad and Distance is 70 km. Mehsana Railway Station distance is 7 km and bus-stand is 8 km. 
Contact us:–  Osho Manan Neo – Sannyas Commune  Mehsana – Ahmedabad high-way Road, Near Palavasna Char Rasta, Mehsana, Gujarat 384002 , India  Phone: +91 02762 20-689

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