Mythological Vautha Fair

It’s very big Animals fair held vautha village in the Ahmedabad district of Gujarat. Which was involved whole some trading of the Camels or Donkeys.
This fair is held during Kartiki Purnima, the full moon night of Kartiki month in the Hindu calendar. The village of Vautha is small and this mela brings together more than 70,000 visitors (2011) through the two days.
This festival grounds of Sangam Tirtha. (Meet the Seven river in one location) so it is considered by very auspicious or important by many communities. The fairgrounds spread across Approximately 4 to 5 square miles of land.
History of Vautha Fair:-
The History behind of vautha fair is kartiki purnima the god Mahadev visited this area, where two rivers meet namely, the Sabarmati and Vatrak. Where the Pandavas (Mahabharata) spent the last year of their exile in disguised. 
The fair is named after Vautha where the seven holy rivers mix waters here namely, the Vatrak merges with the river of Meshwo, Hathmati, Shedhi, Majum and Khari before it then meets the Sabarmati, so the local’s people call it “Sapta-Sangam
It is believed by the village people that Lord Kartikia, the son of Lord Shiva had visited this fair.The Mela attraction is people from the Jath Vanjara cast as well as other cast groups. 
They cook different sweets for each day, often on the last day of festival. However, the favorite foods here are the named,”khichu” and “kachhariyu”. Thousands of tourists flock to the mela for an experience that is entirely local rustic.
The People generally arrive here on tractors, buses, chhakado, camel’s taxi, jeeps and other varied means of transport. The Ahmedabad city distance is (50 km) and Dholka (26 km) away.
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