Mekran Dada Temple

The space between the drydesert village 40km away from bhuj dhrang font uninterruptedwater flowing inthe last 300 years. This space is known as water Mekaran dada disclosed. Dhrang is known for the Samadhi of a famous saint Mekaran Dada who died here.
Four font phutyaand flows areconsistent with new lies. Sant Kabircalled Kutch heremekaran grandfather has had a kapadi. Mekaran grandfatherus trisul bhokataphutyani story ofwater in the desert.
The fair held three days well dhrang day of Maha Shivaratri. Thepool water bathto prevent the disclosureof any carmarogcured there isa belief. Lord Shiva is a very sacred memory of “Mahashivratri” This holy day, Mekran Dada on re-named. 
This is an annual event and also the fair during the Gujarat tourism department “Kutch Festival” event. The fair is also known for its old-time rural tradition – “Mall-Akhado” (wrestling) and “Renkda-races” (kart racing). The ‘grandfather Mekand fair’ is a major event and Kutch, Gujarat State in India is a center of tourist attraction.
History of Saint Mekran dada:-
Sant Mekan Dada it is said was born in 1720. In a small village name Khumbdi at kuttch. His father Hardolji and his mother pababa. Sant Mekran has one younger brother name Pataji, later he has followed Muslim religion and knows as patangsha pri even his live samadhi (tomb) are located in village dhrang with sant Mekran dada.
He spent almost whole his life criss-crossing the Rann of Kutch, doing this humanitarian services. In his late life he established himself in Dhrang, in year 1786. He also had five disciples with him, who religiously followed him and along with Sant Mekan Dada did the humanitarian services, as explained above. 
Rao Desalji was also a great follower of Sant Mekan Dada. He used to preach villagers and his followers also. He preached against untouchability and superstitions. The Sant Mekan Dada later took a live Samadhi along with his twelve followers in Dhrang village. The Samadhi are one of the most revered sites of Kutch and people of all communities go there to pay their.

He spent his whole life in Rann of Kutch, looking after survivors and people lost in desert and serving them food, water and shelter. His two partners were “Laliyo”, the Donkey and “Motiyo”, the dog. He would load “Laliyo”-donkey with water and food and the “Motiyo” was trained by him to direct the “Laliyo” to travelers lost in great desert of Kutch.

Thus they would provide water, food and direction to the hungry, thirsty and lost travelers and nomads passing through the Rann of Kutch He was also a good poet and composed several hymns based on the Hindu philosophy. Today he is worshipped as the re-incarnation of Lakshman by the kapdi community.

His Samadhi along with that of his faithful friend Motiya, the dog and Lalia, the donkey, at Dhrung (Dharang) village about 40 km from Bhuj, Gujarat, is the venue of the annual Mekan Dada Fair, dedicated to him, which takes place on the eve of Mahashivratri (February – March) every year, attracting people from Gujarat and Rajasthan to participate in the religious rituals 

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