Ganesh Mandir in Ganpatpura

Shree Ganesh Mandir located in Ganpatpura village in the Dholka taluka to near 40 km the Ahmedabad city.  Ahmedabad and Kheda district wide follower to Ganpatpura in the temple. The temple will be renovated now, I have taken photos of the original statues.

I know this is located near Ahmedabad city, Ganpatpura auspicious pilgrimage to the Ganpati temple’s history and about true. Ganpatpura village is located near the famous temple town of Dholka, it is identified the name of Ganesh Dholka, Ganpatipura and Ganpatapura.

India is not seen in the figure are found here. This is characteristic of the statue, saw the left side of each space throughout spread by dissipated in the Ganapati, while this figure throughout spread by dissipated in the right side of the saw. The statue is open and spontaneous as well as a one danti. The statue is six feet in height.

Legend or history:-

This temple is the history of folk story in Asadh vad-4 era of vikram for the 933 on Sunday At the time of excavation in the land of kerda hathel Ganpatidada of jala, toda a statue of gold legs, ears in the ornament, which was published over the crown and kandora.

Main Idol to take to the koth, rojaka and vankuta village leaders in faction. Then the miracle happened when the statue was placed in the cart. The Bullock cart without a walk and found the mountain made ​​in gannpatpura. This place is a duda shepherd and gokla was founded in saktimata. The image will automatically go down from the cart there was ganpatidada since then the name of the spurs had ganpatipura. The same day and date of the goddess butabhavani is manifest along aranej and his name applied to a priest named Pandit Ambaram.

The Samvat 1878 phagana Sud-7 on the Swaminarayan Bhagwan go to ganpatpura and took a breather between the two trees of rayano, patel bhagate God to take to the Village of kotha, but he said he did not kotha. The rest of the place where God is Lord Swaminarayan caranarvinda umbrella would have been made.

Ganpatpura village every month of the event and this day is choth so millions of devotees to take the darshan. The states of Gujarat, as well as from outside states two to half a million people here are darshan in cotha day. Here the pilgrim’s darshan or tea – water and food provide from the temple.

About Temple True story:-

A Favorite of 6,000 kg bundi ladoo and 1500 kg curma ladoo of coth day as Prasad is held in ganpatidada. Dada’s darshan in the morning and 4 pm on the evening, candroday half hours after the arati is kept open. The temple is run from a charity kitchen. On the afternoon from 1.00 pm until 10.30 am on the devotees here takes advantage of the charity kitchen. Plane usually lentils, rice, vegetables, and a rotali, festival on the misthan, lentils, rice is given. The Sava lakh to one million people on every cotha kadhino and moraiyo Prasad give in a charity kitchen

The temple is now a whole new way. The 5 to 6 thousand square bansipala go around scattered stone from the temple is being built new. Not yet ready to take the whole temple

Other nearby attractions:-

Araneja butbhavani goddess temple, five km Is located at a distance in Ganpatpura. Ganapati Temple near chakada has to go get it Aranej.

How to reach:-

It’s near kotha village in the Taluka of Dholka. The distance of the village is located by Dholka to 20 Km, while from 60 to 62 living in Ahmedabad and Bagodara National Highway to 14 km.

Dholka 20 Km, 60 to 62 living in the Ahmedabad. Bagodara m and 14 km of national highways connect the village is located at a distance. Ganesapura people, ganapatipura, ganapatapura identifies the name of Ganesh Dholka.

Ganpatpura of the many buses are available. Apart from this will be more fun if you have your personal vehicle.

Whereas you make a visit to Ganpati Temple, a visit to the present tourist Guide is a must.

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